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Suggested Setup / Installation of Cellular, PCS and Nextel Amplifiers

The Dual Band Amplifier can handle all cellular frequencies. It can use Analog or Digital signals in the 800MHz and 1900 MHz ranges. TDMA, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, PCS, AMPS, NAMPS, PTT etc. This includes ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, etc.

The amplifier needs several items to be of benefit:

1 - External Antenna

2 - Portable Phone with ability to hook-up an external antenna adapter

3 - 12 Volts of DC Power (2 amp minimum)

4 - Correct cable, connectors and adapters

1 - External Antenna

You can use any cellular antenna within the frequency ranges 824-896 MHz and/or 1850-1990 MHz (appropriate to your carrier). These antennas include (but are not limited to), Nextel Users go here.

Magnetic Mount

Glass Mount

Planar / Panel


Installation of 3-Watt PCS Cellular Amplifier
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2 - Portable Phone

Please check our adapters and car kits pages for available adapters and means of hooking up an external antenna and/or booster/amplifier.

This amplifier works well with all car kits with an external antenna connection (see illustration)

Handsfree Car Kit with 3-watt Booster Amplifier
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3 - 12 Volts of DC Power (2 amp minimum)

You will need to power the amplifier with 12 VDC power. Most all cars in the US  run on 12 volts. If you plan to use this amplifier for a indoor or fixed application, you will need a 12 VDC regulated power supply with a minimum of 2 Amps. These power supplies are not available through us but may be available at the local electronics or radio store. Most of them look very similar to the one pictured just below. Once again, be sure the supply is 2 amps minimum. See also our illustrations here.

Power for the 3-watt cellular PCS amplifier
New Wireless Mobile Repeater System!

See Also our new wireless Mobile repeater system!

4 - Correct connectors, cables and adapters

This amplifier uses low-loss, industry standard TNC connectors. The connectors on the amplifier are female TNC. We include a short cable (about 3 feet) that has a TNC male on one end and a female TNC on the other. Also included are two adapters pictured just below. If you need different connectors, please let us know and we can arrange the correct adapters. When you are also purchasing an antenna , please specify the connector as FME or TNC. Lastly, you will need a way to hook this setup to your particular phone via a car kit or adapter . please use the links to find the correct one for your phone.

Connectors supplied with 3-watt cellular amplifier

One Last Note:

All of our orders are entered and reviewed by experienced technicians. If you order the wrong combination of connectors, adapters or whatever, we will contact you via phone or e-mail to discuss the changes necessary. Please make sure to provide us your best daytime contact number and preferred e-mail address just in case we need to get in touch with you. (and NO we NEVER share your information!!)

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Cellular PCS GSM antennas, repeaters, amplifiers, connectors and adapters
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