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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Many thanks to our customers that send us feedback about the products, advice and service they have received from us. We wouldn't be here without them! Here is just a small, random sampling of some of the great feedback we receive on a daily basis.

I just wanted to let you know that we finished the installation and the cell coverage in the areas we designed is fantastic. You have a wonderful product and your customer service was excellent!!


Francisco R. - Santa Monica, CA

I purchased a repeater from you several years ago because we live in a “valley” in Western PA. Plenty of signal on the hilltops, not so much in the valley. Before your repeater we could only get a usable signal on our back deck, or MAYBE if you leaned up against the window. The repeater gives us full use of our entre house, including the basement, where there was previously no signal whatsoever.

Tech support is awesome, patient, Americans that speak in terms you can understand. I just called about a Bluetooth problem in my office, not even your problem and you helped me figure it out. Love this company and will continue to check your website for great new products. (like the looks of your Bluetooth boom)

Ed M. - Aliquippa, PA

I bought a mini-repeater (DA4KPR15R) a few weeks ago. I got it working, but needed a little guidance on placement and camouflaging the cable that stretched across my wife's home office. I called and spoke with Mike -- who provided the perfect solution -- a longer cable and a coat of paint to match the office! I never knew you could paint coax. Worked like a charm.

(1) The repeater works great. (2) Wife'shappy. (3) I'm happy.

Many thanks, Jeff L - Tiburon, CA

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the performance of my new amplifer. In conjunction with my AS glass mount antenna, I am able to make calls in rural areas where it was not possible before. When leaving my home service area this weekend I noticed that my phone held onto my home service provider's signal for an additional 8-10 miles before roaming. Very impressive! I strongly recomend this unit for anyone who needs to use a cell phone in fringe areas.

Thanks, Jon K - Allen Park, MI

Just wanted to let you know that the product I ordered Friday from Criterion Cellular arrived as promised on Saturday, installed easily, and works very well. Thanks so much for the remarkable customer service! You folks should run seminars on how e-commerce should be done!

--Mark D - Levittown, PA

Thank you for the quick response! I've placed my order and feel pretty confident that all will go well. Just a quick note: After checking several other web sites, Wilson, Antenna Speialists, Motorola, Nextel, etc., I will admit that your web site seemed to be the easiest to navigate through and find exactly the information I needed. Also, the explanations about how antennas work (dBd, dBi, etc.) provided me with enough information that I feel I've made an informed decision about my choices.

Thanks again: Steve E. - Louisville, KY

Thank you for the prompt service...

I'm a computer consultant in the central coast region...It's beautiful country, but the cell reception is terrible. I've tested your system for the past few days and I'm very impressed with your products.You can expect several more orders from this area (San Luis, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Morro Bay etc.). I work for several of the vineyards and ranches in the area, and every client that has seen me talking on my cell phone from their location wants to know how in the world I'm getting reception.

Thank you very much - Bruce B. - Atascadero, CA

I'm confident I found the most credible cellular accessory dealer on the web. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm sure my family will appreciate hearing from me for the first time since I moved into this topographical "bowl".

Thanks a million! Jeff P - Greenwich, CT

I'd spent many hours researching the web trying to find out some way to improve reception on my cell phone inside my apartment. After sifting through zillions of sites and posts that ranged from the overly simple or useless (like the stick-on signal boosters) to overly complex (for me) -- I finally came across a post on Google that recommended your company.

Your website was better than I'd ever expected to find. Clear, concise, no-nonsense explanations and recommendations. I learned more in fifteen minutes of reading your antenna tutorial than I did in several hours of web surfing. Just purchased a new antenna and I look forward to using it.

Thanks, Phil S - New York, NY

Got the new cable and it works perfectly!

I would like to say that I really appreciate your time and expertise in helping me figure out a great solution to my unique problem. I will tell anyone looking for antenna solutions to look you up. If there is a referral area on your site, please add my name to your list of satisfied customers.

Regards, Bob K - Morgan Hill, CA

Just wanted to send along a "thank you" for the highly informative and readable tutorial on cell phones and antennas that you provide on your website. I am having some reception problems with my cell phone and reading through your information has set me straight on what I need to do. Even though it took me the better part of an afternoon to get through (!!), it was very well written and informative - even a layman like me could understand and apply the knowledge contained therein. Now I will sound smart at parties.

Your much appreciated honesty and intelligence will have me coming back to you for future needs, and I will also be encouraging others to use your services as well.

Thanks again, Steve B. - Kissimmee, FL

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